At Pharris+ we aim to understand our clients goals, diagnose problems and provide a road map to achieve business growth. Through years of experience and our specialty in online digital marketing and media production we partner with business owners who are ready to up-level their business and begin seeing positive results.

We offer a variety of consulting services for clients depending on where you are at in your business.


You can either consult on a one-on-one basis or join our business growth program with other likeminded students. We will cover workflow, finances, mindset, productivity, leadership, and much more. This is a comprehensive strategy that clients can easily follow to grow their business using our specialization in marketing and media production.

Business Growth

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We help our clients establish their personal goals, achieve brand awareness, increase engagement and understand how to grow their sales. When having your own business, it's important that people care as much for your product or service as you. Through personal branding, we conceptualize your business and your story into a tangible asset for you to use and grow your business. 

Personal Branding

Our video strategy will show clients how to expand their brand and gain business through the ideation and implementation of using our insights. We will conceptualize the strategy after understanding the clients needs and help refine their brand story. After the initial consultation, we can assist in creating video materials through our media production services or give the client the step-by-step blueprint for someone else to create.

Video Strategy

Whether it’s scheduling your first Pharris+ consultation, booking media production, or enrolling in our photography education course, get in touch so we can guide you in your journey!

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“With Josh’s guidance I’m now shooting 12 weddings total this year and next year, 5 of which were booked the first 3 months of the year. The most I’ve had since I started! I’m very grateful to the team for helping me see that I’m in a good place, while identifying the areas I can outsource so I can continue to scale”

“Kariss, Josh, & team really understand who we are and what we’re encountering. I now feel encouraged to continue to push harder and understand better. For a moment, I wasn’t seeing the path to happiness and success. I can truly say it’s become very clear now. That alone is worth pushing forward.”

“As of this past Wednesday, I hit the 5 month mark of being a full time photographer! Without you all, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”