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Pharris+ exists to grow and accomplish the vision of business owners, creatives and ministries through timeless media production, creative marketing strategy,
and consulting

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Video Strategy

Personal Branding

Business Growth

Do you ever wish you could have someone who’s been there, done that for all the ups and downs of business? Pharris+ will provide the one-on-one conversations and the teaching you need to help your business thrive.



Email Marketing


Lead Gen

We are a business that understands the strategy to getting your brand in-front of the right clients and how to best achieve your growth goals.


Web Design

Content Writing




In the market where connection is an essential key of marketing, let us help your brand or business communicate its emotional power and importance through media production. 

Media Production

Curious if we can assist you?

As photographers, it can be hard to know and understand the importance of combining business and creativity and how it forms a successful union. We know because we’ve done it and are continuing our growth because of lessons learned and information gathered. This program allows you to grow and develop your business – teaching you leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, business growth tactics, and technical photography skills giving purpose-driven photographers the right tools to grow. 

Photography is a business bursting at the seams with new up & coming creatives.

Photography Education

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“With Josh’s guidance I’m now shooting 12 weddings total this year and next year, 5 of which were booked the first 3 months of the year. The most I’ve had since I started! I’m very grateful to the team for helping me see that I’m in a good place, while identifying the areas I can outsource so I can continue to scale”

“Kariss, Josh, & team really understand who we are and what we’re encountering. I now feel encouraged to continue to push harder and understand better. For a moment, I wasn’t seeing the path to happiness and success. I can truly say it’s become very clear now. That alone is worth pushing forward.”

“As of this past Wednesday, I hit the 5 month mark of being a full time photographer! Without you all, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”