A How to Guide On Family Posing

October 22, 2021

father daughter new born session Dallas Texas The Lumen Room family posing

Families come in all sizes and figuring out how to best position everyone to create a beautiful photo composition can be tricky. Over the years I’ve learned some go to tips for family posing. As a mom and a photographer I’m here to share some experience worthy information to get you to the final goal of photo wall worthy images!

High Middle Low

family of three new born session Dallas Texas The Lumen Room family posing levels

I don’t know if you did choir, but when in choir they use stairs to layer everyone and they always say, “Find your window.” Photography is similar. You don’t want everyone on the same level. You want to find pockets of space and utilize the photo composition with some people standing, some sitting, and some on the floor. The more people included in the photo, the more variety there will be when posing your family.

Action Shots

New born action shots family photoshoot Dallas Texas The Lumen Room Family posing

Action shots aren’t just for James Bond. What I’ve found over the years is that it’s the action shots that turn out to be the crowd favorites! I know with our family some of the best photos were of the moments that my children couldn’t stay still. Play and interact with the kids, giggle with each other and I promise you’ll end up loving those unplanned and prepped shots.

Practice Practice Practice

family of three new born session Dallas Texas The Lumen Room family posing practice

Let’s just say it, we all have our good angles and we all have, well, our not so good angles. My best advice is to practice in the mirror before coming so you know with certainty which side you like best and what your preferred angles are. Having a good understanding of your angle’s will help the photographer know placement and also help you feel more comfortable in the shoot! As a photographer research angles so you know how to capture the most flattering angles for the variety of people you’ll shoot.

Variety is Key

family of three new born session Dallas Texas The Lumen Room family posing levels

Why limit yourself to just one style when doing a shoot? You don’t have to stick to one mood the entire time, switch it up! Do some serious, some smiling, some laughing, and some candid, honestly do it all! The more variety there is in the shoot, the more options you’ll have to choose from when receiving the final product.

There you have it! We’re so glad you are choosing to invest in your families legacy by getting family photos. Whether with us or another photographer, photos are always worth the investment. If you are curious or wondering the details on booking a family session with us, learn more by clicking the button below!




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