Bridal Session | The Olana – Hickory Creek, Tx | Jennifer Foster

June 17, 2022

Jennifer stunned us with her bridal session! She and her husband, Chris, met at a young adult conference where they were both invited to speak. A couple of months later, Jennifer was hosting her own event and invited Chris. Over the next couple of months, the two formed a friendship that turned into love! Even though they’d been in the same social circles their entire lives, they did not meet until that day at the conference!

Now they are happily married and looking forward to a beautiful life together! Jennifer decided to have her bridal portraits taken ahead of time instead of on her wedding day. Newlyweds often take some time after the ceremony to take photos with the wedding party, family, and friends. However, you may want to consider taking your bridal portrait photos ahead of time for the reasons listed below!


Having a separate bridal session gives you the chance to focus on only your bridal photos. When you’re taking bridal photos at the wedding, you might feel pressured to move quickly. If you’re trying to stick to the timeline, you might not be focused on your poses. Schedule ahead of time, then slow down and take your time with your bridal portraits!


Your wedding might be in the late afternoon, but the morning might be the perfect time to capture the details of your dress. Having a separate session is a great way to get the lighting you want for your bridal photos if it’s going to be different on the actual wedding day.


The light might not be the only thing that’s different on wedding day. Scheduling ahead of time can help you get sunny outdoor photos if your wedding day ends up being cloudy or rainy. You also won’t have to worry about potentially getting soaked in the rain, getting the dress muddy, or having to come up with last-minute alternative poses or locations.


A pre-wedding session is like a dress rehearsal! Try on the full look before the ceremony and take notes! Does your dress need more alterations? Do you want to try a different makeup look? Is the jewelry a good fit for the dress? Now is your time to make any last-minute changes!

We want you to have the perfect bridal portrait photos! After all, this exact moment comes once in a lifetime! Take a look at our gallery to see what we can do for you! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram!




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“We were so pleased with the work done by the Pharris team. They were generous and patient and we could not be more grateful. On that day, Josh and Kariss were very professional, funny, and just amazing ”

"I cannot say enough good things about this team! They were able to capture the emotion in the event in a way that was truly powerful. They were friendly, incredibly responsive, and talented. We are SO happy with the way our pictures turned out, and their unreal two week turn around time!"

"Our experience with Pharris Photography has been so wonderful! The communication from the team has been clear, timely and professional (but still so personable!). Kariss was SO FUN to work with. We could not me more over the moon with the final photos."

"Where do I even start?! The second we met Kariss and Joshua we knew they had to do our wedding and we had to somehow convince them to be our friends.. yes, they are equally as awesome people as they are photographers! These two are truly SO very talented!"

What a phenomenal team Kariss and Joshua are! I'm not sure where to begin! They had such amazing ideas for poses in our pictures and they truly turned out amazing! They captured the true essence of "us" and the images are timeless, elegant, beautiful, and sexy!