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August 25, 2021

Interracial couple traditional Indian wedding Dallas Texas Marie Gabrielle restaurant and gardens

An Indian Wedding in the Heart of Dallas Texas

Sujaritha and Andy’s Indian wedding ceremony was a dreamy escape in the heart of Dallas Texas. Of course to no one’s surprise Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens was a completely picturesque location for their intimate Indian wedding. I’m a stronger believer that when the viewer understands the context of an image it adds to the emotions expressed. So we outlined the three rituals that Sujaritha and Andy practiced during their ceremony.

First Indian Wedding Ritual: Jaimala – The Exchanging of the Garlands

Jaimala is the first ritual to take place also known as the exchanging of garlands. This is the first time that the bride and groom meet. Upon meeting, they place the garland’s around one another’s neck. The garland carries two symbols in the ceremony: 1: First the flowers in the garland represent happiness, joy, and beauty. 2: Second is the process of weaving the flowers together to symbolize the union of two individuals coming together.

Second Indian Wedding Ritual: Vivaha-Homa – Sacred Fire Pit

The next ritual is “Vivaha-Homa” or “Sacred Fire Lit.” The priest lights a fire in a small box that is between the couple. The Sacred fire will stay in between the couple throughout the ceremony. The fire itself is for the purification of the vows that the couple gives one another during the ceremony.

Third Indian Wedding Ritual: Sapta-Padi – Seven Steps

The last ritual is Sapta-Padi which translates to Seven Steps. This ritual takes places again around the Sacred Fire mentioned above. It signifies the seven principles or promises that the two are to give one another. The seven steps are actually seven full circles or “Pheras” around the fire. Each person walks clockwise around the fire with one leading the other. Each “Phera” has a specific promise connected with it that the couple makes to one another in marriage. The husband leads the wife around the fire for the first four Pheras and the wife then leads the husband around for the last three. This emphasizes the importance of unity in marriage with each partner giving selflessly and not taking advantage of the other.

Marriage Traditions

I’ve been thinking about why we do what we do when it comes to western wedding traditions. Seeing different culture’s rituals and practices with their deep meaning has me thinking about the real focus of western weddings. I wonder if in western culture we sometimes set our sights on things likes bridesmaid dresses and location only to forget the real purpose and heart behind marriage.

Purpose of Marriage

I know Josh and I’s marriage has taught me more about Christ than I ever thought possible. At the end of the day the details of weddings can sometimes keep us from the true meaning of weddings. I am a sucker for some extravagant floral decor and couture dresses (I mean I am a wedding photographer after all), but when we spend more time thinking about those things and less about marriage as a ministry I think we miss the point. I never want to lose sight of the real reason behind marriage: To recognize the way Christ loves us (selflessly and fully, keeping no record of wrongs) and choosing to give that same love to another human being.

We want to help you document your day with photos that are more than just of the beautiful details (even though we will definitely get those images too). All of us at Pharris want to keep the purpose of marriage at the center of the photos. Our biggest wish is that these images will serve you as a daily reminder of the love and commitment you made to one another on your unforgettable day! You can inquire with us using the button below and don’t forget to see the love captured in Sujaritha and Andy’s photos!




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