The Ultimate Posing Guide | Top 8 Engagement Poses for Your Next Session

July 3, 2022

After the big proposal, you’re going to want photos of the two of you to share with family and friends! Engagement photos are a fun way to not only share the great news but can also be used to decorate your homes and make beautiful keepsake memories! We have some great engagement poses that any couple can use for their session. From sweet to steamy, we’ve got you! These poses are GUARANTEED to make your pictures look AMAZING!

1. The Hug

The simplest yet more intimate engagement poses are a hug! You hug your partner all the time, why not in your photos? There are multiple ways this can be accomplished! You can face each other, then angle your faces toward the camera, or even have one partner hug the other from behind.

One partner can kiss the other on the cheek or nuzzle into their neck to make this pose more intimate. This pose works well when standing but can also be done with partners sitting and leaning against each other. There are so many ways you can make this your own!

2. The Ring

What is one of the first things people say when someone gets engage? “Show me the ring!” Show them the bling in your photos with a subtle and beautiful closeup. You can lace your fingers through your partner’s or put your hand on top of theirs. Another subtle way of showing the ring is by tucking your hair back or resting your hand on your partner’s arm.

3. The Walk + Hand Holding

Walking through life side by side with your love is one of the most amazing feelings in the world! Out of all of the engagement poses, the walk is one of the simplest poses you can do. Grab your partner’s hand and start by walking toward the camera. Then try walking away from the camera. You can also switch it up a little by having one person walk slightly ahead, or by turning to look back at the camera when walking away. The point is to show that no matter where you’re going, it will be together!

4. Looking into their eyes

When you don’t know where to look, the eyes of the one you love is a great place to start! You can simply be in the moment. Even when couples are too nervous to smile, they always manage to smile when they are looking into their partner’s eyes!

5. The Nose Touch

One of the sweetest poses is the nose touch. This pose really shows the tenderness of the love that flows between the couple. It’s intimate, but also subtle for couples who aren’t comfortable enough to go in for the kiss on camera. Try this pose with your eyes open or closed to see which one feels more comfortable. When your eyes are closed, the photo seems to capture the moment right before a kiss.

6. The Face Grab

Sometimes, the ‘nose touch’ and this pose can be joined together, as shown in a few pictures above. If you want to increase the intimacy in your photos, a face grab is perfect! There is so much passion in the closeness between a couple when they do this pose. You can just feel the emotion from them through the photo! Place a hand on your man’s cheek or let him place his on yours. Then get close together as if you’re about to kiss and freeze!

7. The Kiss

When we watch romance movies, we cannot be more excited for the kiss! If you and your man really want to heat things up, you can share a small peck or a passionate kiss. You don’t have to overthink the placement or timing. If you two are feeling it while hugging, then let the magic unfold and go in for the kiss. Make sure to get close and try holding each other to make it natural.

8. Pick Up

When the groom gets excited and literally sweeps the bride off her feet, we can’t help but smile! This is such a fun pose not only for the couple, but for photographers. This is your time to have some fun with each other and let loose!  When your partner lifts you up, try pulling your head back to let your hair fall behind you. You can also look down into his eyes for a playful and sweet pose.

Don’t Forget Props!!!

Don’t come empty-handed to your session! Bring some props that speak to who you are as a couple. If you love sharing a glass of champagne together in the evenings, then bring some champagne and glasses. If you two bond over basketball, bring the ball. Props not only give you something else to do with your hands, but they add character and personality to your photos!

With this guide, you can find some great engagement poses that work for you and your partner! Try them all or the ones that really catch your eye! It’s all about what you want and what makes you feel the most natural as a couple.

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