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August 27, 2021

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You never know when a college rivalry will come in handy as a conversation starter. Without Megan’s loyalty to Texas A&M she might not have been so quick to set Craig, the Alabama fan, straight. Whenever I hear stories about people meeting through online dating/dating apps, I always imagine that it hasn’t to be such a weird/fun/exciting range of emotions when you start talking to someone. Because you genuinely never know if you’ll ever even meet this person or if you’ll find yourself across the table from this man on one knee. Life is a wild thing isn’t it?

A Story is Nothing Without Context

It’s important that you know from the start that Megan and Craig’s first date took place at a Thai restaurant called Sway on South 1st. In perfect timing the restaurant decided to open another location which was conveniently located minutes from the couples new home. A few weeks before Craig proposed, they had a dinner at the new location and began talking about going back to the original Sway on South 1st – they both thought the original location’s food was much better. What I loved is hearing about Megan’s clear communication to Craig about the engagement. She had made it clear at this point in their relationship that the engagement of her dreams wouldn’t be cheesy or typical aka if Craig did something typical like proposing at their first date spot she joked that she would say no.

Craig explains that he never really even considered it with the restaurant having a policy that doesn’t allow for reservations. But after that trip to the new location he couldn’t shake the feeling that it would actually be the perfect place for them to start a new chapter in their life together. Craig called Sway and gave his best pitch to the manager about his situation. After he explained their history at the restaurant and the purpose the manager was more than happy to help, he even helped him plan it out!

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

Now that you’re all caught up on the back story lets begin with the couple arriving at the restaurant. It’s December 14th and Megan and Craig are making their way to the hostess stand. Craig gives them the name as they prepared to wait. Except this time it took only minutes for the hostess to usher them back to a well placed table (S/O to that manager). A flawless start to what Craig describes as “a night played out of a movie.”

As soon as they had sat down, Megan went to use the restroom which gave Craig just the right amount of time to lay out the plan to their waiter. Fast forward to when they finished their entrees which meant dessert time for Megan and game time for Craig. Megan ordered birthday cake ice cream (A great choice if I do say so myself). The staff delivered the birthday cake ice cream with a candle, which took Megan by surprise, but like the good sport she is she went along with it.

Megan stated, “well, it is not my birthday but I guess I should make a wish.” Craig followed her statement with a question, “well what do you wish for?” She said, like she was reading off of a script, “A…proposal soon.” The stars aligned and in perfect timing Craig got on one knee, pulled out the ring, and said, “what about now, will you marry me?” After many tears, and what felt like never ending applause from everyone in the restaurant, Megan said “yes!” A great ending to what they both describe as the best night of their lives.


Kate Rose Creative Group/Katelyn Lakey(Planner)

Botanical Jane (Flowers)

Morgan Pearl Cakes (Wedding cake)

Smither Productions(DJ)

Bee Lavish (Furniture)

Monarch Rentals (Tableware)

Vintage Hipster (Hair)

Double Dutch Beauty (Makeup)

RedBook Chef (Catering)




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